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Aug 12, 2013 2:30am EDT
, the money a little older. in detroit it is gross point. >> it is the place that everybody wants to live, the homes are beautiful, the lawns are manicured, and everybody appears to live this perfect life. >> in this tasteful enclave of good schools, good churches, good families going back generations, jane and bob had made their home and raised their two children. >> i loved this place. how could you not? >> bob, big bob as he is known around gross point with the vanity plates to prove it was active in rotary, past president, and hands on for almost any community fundraiser you could name. jane was equally busy in volunteer organizations, primarily in the high school mother's group. they had been a couple for nearly 30 years >> we clicked pretty much right away, and within two years i asked her to marry me and she said yes. >> bob says he loved that jane didn't hold anything back. >> she was out going, a go getter, and get she was very loving and kind and i just was attracted to her right from the beginning because she had a good heart. >> the children came along, firstrobert, then jessi
Aug 8, 2013 4:30am EDT
be nicer this week. now he is getting slack because he will be starting on friday against the detroit lions. he is taking the high road after reading this week saying f-u, hope you break youracl on friday. >>> andrew mccutchen, not only did his mother sing the national anthem, but he goes his 16th home run of the season. >> must have been mom being there. >> exactly. you know mama looks very proud. >> look how proud she is. i love it. >>> now to big plays in the little league, jacob garza and his team won a spot in the little league world series. garza w pitch perfect and did not give up a single hit during the game. not only that, he hit a home run that gave his team a 6-0 lead over new mexico. that kid is good. >>> and in st. louis, gangham style danceoff that went intergalactic, shall we say. during star wars night fans dressed as darth vader and storm troopers showing the force is very strong with those light sabers. >>> did you hear that? check out these rowdy fans of the detroit tigers and cleveland indians games. in a let's go tigers cheer, that could not overcome the chant of detroi
Aug 10, 2013 6:30pm EDT
first preseason game seeking a spot on the detroit lions roster. >> do you know who havard rugland is. >>? rugland? no. >> reporter: aficionados may know him by his other name. kickalicious. >> i know kick aleeshs. he's the kicker. >> reporter: rugland put out this homemade video. how to describe it? jaw dropping. it's already been viewed more than 4.5 million times. not bad for a guy who's never touched a football in his life. >> when i was 9, a football, and two weeks after, i got it. >> reporter: turns out a few nfl teams saw kickalicious, too, and the lions invited him to camp. >> the first time he was out here, you know, he was doing, one ball, get the other in. got it on the second time. which was pretty funny. >> reporter: what are your family and friend saying back home? are they saying, what are you doing? >> they're saying, for what? but surreal for them, too. >> reporter: the good thing is rugland does his talking with his foot, and fans are listening. >> he kicked a couple good ones. >> reporter: do you know where norway is? >> no. >> reporter: okay. so everyone has a lear
Aug 9, 2013 4:30am EDT
a broom? detroit is on a 12-game hot streak. they swept the cleveland indians in four games. next up, the tigers play a-rod and the yankees in in, new york tonight. looking forward to that. >>> on to golf, the 98 pga championship off to a great start for jim furyk. check out this birdie putt on the 16th hold. all the way in. he shares the lead with adam scott. >>> miami tweet start james tweeted this selfie before going to court to serve jury duty. >>> they say timing is everything. celebrity surfs ramona var row captured this video of a southern white whale and her calf swimming side by side. the chances of that. >>> and in nebraska, competitors got down and dirty at the annual combined dirty. it is an annual condition at the county fair. speaking of down and dirty, drivers take out their old harvesters trying to be the last one standing. looks like a muddy mess, but fun no less. >> who knew such a thing existed. i guess there's something for everyone. >> you have to put it to good use. >>> just ahead, kate upton on why men need to get their blank together. you can fill in the blank
Aug 23, 2013 10:00pm EDT
down for a grand on detroit tonight. what's the line now? well, excuse me. but don't you think if the gambler is awake, it behooves the bookie to be up as well? all right, well, call me when you get off the can. are you aware that your sleepover buddy was packing heat? oh, yeah. any hotter and she'd have burned my pubes clean off. charlie, a gun in the house? relax, she's a cop. or was a cop. or is wanted by the cops. i know she mentioned cops. unbelievable. so this was another one-night stand? unless she comes back for her handcuffs, yeah. boy, how much satisfaction can you get from that? handcuffs? not really my thing. but, hey, she probably did some stuff last night that might not have been her first choice. no, i mean, how can you possibly get any satisfaction from an endless series of alcohol-soaked one-night stands? and even as the words are coming out of my mouth i realize it's a stupid question, so forget i said it. she's married to a cop. you know, i hate to see you wasting your life having drunken sex with women you don't care about. well, who asked you to move back i
Aug 9, 2013 7:00am EDT
continue to decline. and detroit's financial woes are hurting it's neighbors. it declines since they filed for bankruptcy. >>> thank you so much. and dancing with the stars? how about dancing behind bars? check out this dash cam video out of ohio. police pulled over the suspected drunk driver earlier this week and they say the man initially refused to stop but eventually pulled over and that's when this show began. yeah. it's a pretty good one. eventually police performed field sobriety tests and took him into custody. his blood alcohol content level came back at .240. that is three times the legal limit. >> is flo rida around here? we're going to have our own dance party. >> he was straight up river dancing. >> he did. >> he was doing the whole routine. >> his hips are limber. his hips don't lie. oh, all right natalie. thank you. there are some alarming developments this morning tied to the search for a missing 16-year-old california girl and her alleged abductor. let's get to joe in san diego. he has the story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. news that the suspe
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6